In recent news I've have updated my OS (iOS Maverick FTW!!) and Xcode!
Back to mobile development!!!
AstroDodge MAY be made.
Why??? Thanks to Cocos2D, a framework for ObjectiveC that makes graphic interfaces and game mechanics a little more feasible. 

Also, I plan to make PixelCraft an application for iPhone, play the flash concept below...

So summer ended as you probably know so that means 7th grade starts.
I am in a 9th grade honors course with a few friends and I have a TON of homework because of that.
I have had less and less time to work on projects but still have gotten some minor projects done (3 hand-coded websites!).

I also registered in FLL which is an awesome robot-construction competition. Our team made it to state then kinda failed. It was fun whilst it lasted.

It's December now and winter break started. I am vacationing with minimal internet (today was the first day) so I've been inactive. When I get back home I'll work on IronCode and get my friends to help out.

Check out online ASTRODODGE

Read More for my Latest Project

So lately I've been stepping back from iPhone Development. :( 
I have made a few things: my Site 
Projects on my Scratch Page
 Also I've started Development on a new project IronCode!

IronCode is a tool for web development. It compiles to HTML, CSS and JavaScript!
It solves the akward methods of lobbing together all these languages and gives a easy-to-use way to make JavaScript games.

Snippet of Code and output:

Games ported over in phoneGap are LAGGY! So what do I do? Re-program!!!! In objectiveC and Java. So that is a set back but hopefully we can do it fast.

Another new game/app idea:


Pebble Pals™:

Mini Games
Customizable rock

More updates to come!

For now:

Astro dodge was ported over to the iPhone for testing! Really laggy but still awesome! Sorry for bad image quality...
Summer, my most prolific season is just around the corner. I have been trying to get work in but Finals are dragging me down lately. So when school gets out on June 13, I hope to increase my production.

Also, during the summer I am going on a trip for 2 weeks so expect a lack of posts.

Hopefully, AstroDodge will be released. The game is in like a v1.0 state but needs a bit more work done for maximum fun. Stay updated!
So on the topic of blob world a couple of months ago I made a simple little flash game called blob hunt. You had a guy with a sword and you run around stabbing this blob. The more times you hit it the better your score.

My friends REALLY liked the game so I'm thinking about making it into an app.

Here is a list of possible features as an app:

-Movement (tilt to move)
-Attack (tap to stab)
-Blob AI (When hit run, move relatively randomly, etc.)
-Different blobs? (original,fire,water,teleporting, etc.)

So blob hunt is a possibility. Stay tuned!

Astro dodge has grown beyond imagination. I have an options button where you can change your level and that changes the hardness of the game.

I also figured out sound and have a laser sound as well as background music! I also made power ups that drop you down to the bottom of the screen and a laser pointer on easy to help you target.

Things to add:
-more power up types

So I really don't have much to add... Hopefully release is soon!!!!!
So I've been working on AstroDodge and play testing it. I decided to spruce it up a bit with a menu. I added that in along with a "play" button and am thinking of other possible buttons to go on the menu.

Okay. So I've finished a lot considering it is the weekend and I have relatively no homework. I added an "options" button which leads to a sub-menu where you can select difficulty levels. On hard you get more points but it's pretty much insanely hard.

So pretty much I just need to add sound, then I can import to an SDK simulator and hopefully get it out onto the app store!

Should I charge for the app? ¢99?